120W OWS-DA2 Amplifier Kit

Code : OWS-DA2-120W-KIT

Product availability : Australia Wide
For further information, please contact your local branch, and our staff will assist you.
  • AS4428.16 certified - Grade 3
  • 17 pre-installed tones
  • 9 pre-installed speech messages
  • Optional customer message module for on-site recording and storing of 2 custom speech messages (CMM2)
  • Additional inputs to initiate Lock-down, Chime, Test and False Alarms speech messages
  • Fault monitoring of the 100V output lines for open and short circuit
  • High efficiency Class D amplifier designed for superior intelligibility and lower current consumption
  • 2-wire connection to all Notifier Fire Alarm Control Panel
  • Background music & PA microphone analogue audio inputs
  • Pre-installed test tones for ease of installation
  • Supervised amplifiers through OWS-DA2-SAM-4
  • Master/Slave feature allows to connect several DA2’s allowing for higher power outputs or additional strobe outputs
  • Up to 32 supervised speaker lines can be connected with OWS-DA2-SAM-4 Speaker Amplifier Monitoring and Distribution Modules

The FireSense OWS-DA2 amplifier kits are a Grade 3 Sound System for Emergency Purposes (SSEP) certified to AS4428.16. These amplifier kits have been designed to provide sound reinforcement, voice messages and evacuation tones to aid rapid and orderly mobilisation of people in emergency situations. OWS-DA2-30W-KIT, OWS-DA2-60W-KIT and OWS-DA2-120W-KIT, OWS-DA2-SAM-4 and OWS-DA2-MIC are all components of the OWS-DA2 series.

OWS-DA2 amplifier kits provides three power output options: 30W, 60W and 120W. All building occupant warning amplifiers utilise digital amplification and tone generation to provide superior audio quality and efficiency.