2800/3030 Web Server

Code : N-WEB

Product availability : NSW, ACT, VIC, TAS
For further information, please contact your local branch, and our staff will assist you.

Requires NCM.
Note: No fire alarm control functions are permitted. The NWS is an ancillary device and not intended for primary reporting.

  • Automatically sends up to 50 emails in response to any system event
  • Ten email profiles can be set
  • Create your own custom message, included with email system event
  • Standard Ethernet over IP connection
  • Your system remains secure by installing the NWS-3 behind your network firewall
  • Online Authorization log keeps a record of the username, time and date of the last 50 users to access the system
  • Built-in password security and user access record

The NOTI•FIRE•NETTM Web Server is a web-based HTML server. With the NWS interface, users can view fire alarm control panel (FACP) event history, event status, device properties and other information.

All data available on the NWS is a “snapshot” of the data on the NOTI•FIRE•NETTM network at the time the browser requested the information. The NWS can be configured to automatically send event information via email to a select group of users. The NWS interfaces to the Internet/Intranet using an IP-based wire Ethernet connection. Use the IP based Configuration Tool to make the necessary network configuration settings which allow the web server to communicate with the browser.