3030 ACS Series Annunciator - 24AT

Code : 3030-ACM-24AT / AEM-24AT

Product availability : NSW, ACT, VIC, TAS
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ACM-24AT - Control annunciator 24 buttons, 48 LED indications
AEM-24AT - Expansion annunciator 24 buttons, 48 LED indications

  • Configurable LED colour ensures suitability for a variety of applications
  • Alarm/Circuit On and Fault LED per-point option, alaram only option, or zone disabled option
  • Local sounder for both alarm and fault conditions with silence button (program options)
  • Plug-in terminal blocks for ease of installation and service
  • System Fault & On-line/Power LED indicators

The 3030-ACM/AEM-24AT and the 3030-ACM/AEM-48A provide a modular line of products for annunciation and control of the AFP-3030 Fire Alarm Control Panel and Network Control Annunciator. The annunciators provide an array of LEDs to indicate point status and, in some versions, switches to control the state of outputs or zone disablement. These annunciators use a serial interface and may be located at distances of up to 1,800 metres from the panel.