AS7240 Approved Ceiling Speaker w/ Low Profile Plastic Grill

Code : RB-SP100-7240-LP

Product availability : Australia Wide
For further information, please contact your local branch, and our staff will assist you.

Requires 140mm cutout.

  • Low Profile design; only 65mm deep. Penetrates ceiling by only 53mm (with 12mm thickness ceiling tile)
  • Designed to meet Australian Standard AS ISO7240.24
  • Excellent speech intelligibility
  • Tuned PA driver designed to meet the latest fire standards
  • High quality speaker driver developed for BGM, paging and emergency warning applications
  • Patented 3 way latching ensures a neat, sag-free installation
  • Fitted with 4 way wire protect terminal for loop in, loop out wiring
  • Fitted with cable restraint plate and flame retardant safety cover
  • Fitted with supervisory capacitor for line monitoring
  • Assembled in Australia

This range of speakers have been engineered to meet the requirements of evacuation and occupant warning paging systems. The high efficiency speaker and transformer combination ensures high SPL, wide frequency response, superior speech intelligibility and reproduction for mission critical applications. All components of the fixture are manufactured from high quality, long lasting, flame retardant material and tested to the rigours of the new standard. On site installation will be simple and straight forward. Oversized cable glands and terminal blocks will make on site termination easier than other competing products as the speaker will just ‘snap fit’ into the ceiling.

Each custom designed speaker and transformer combination has been specifically engineered to ensure a wide frequency range and dispersion angle, plus a high sound pressure level (SPL) ensuring excellent music and speech intelligibility; which is critical for emergency paging applications. Each transformer is fitted with multiple power settings which are user selectable via taps on the transformer.