Conventional Imaging Beam Detector

Code : OSI-R

Product availability : Australia Wide
For further information, please contact your local branch, and our staff will assist you.
  • Combined transmitter and receiver unit
  • Receiver consists of a CMOS imaging CCD
  • Wide 12º field of view
  • Intuitive beam alignment indicated by directional arrows
  • Single IR wavelength
  • Resistant to large solid intruding objects
  • Automatic sensitivity threshold level setting
  • 50º horizontal and 20º vertical beam alignment
  • Highly resistant to building movement; tolerates +/- 1º movement
  • Resistant to strong light sources; does not alarm when saturated by sun
  • Built-in image heater is standard
  • Electronic simulated smoke test from ground level
  • Standby, fault and alarm LED indicators visible from the front and bottom
  • Long range coverage of 5-100m, no separate long range kit required
  • Automatic drift compensation
  • Paintable cover
  • Removable plug-in terminal blocks
  • Optional heater kit available for the reflector

The OSI-R is a 4-wire conventional reflector-type linear optical beam smoke detector designed to operate as a component of fire alarm systems. The beam operates primarily on the principle of light obscuration utilising an Infra-Red beam. Optical beam smoke detectors are particularly appropriate for protecting buildings with large open spaces such as warehouses, atriums etc. The OSI-R detector is a combined transmitter/receiver unit that can be directly connected to a conventional detector circuit.