Conventional Wet Base detector mounting

Code : SS-WB1

Product availability : Australia Wide
For further information, please contact your local branch, and our staff will assist you.

Dimensions: 110mm W x 110mm H x 110mm D

  • For use in high humidity environments
  • Accommodates 18.6mm conduit
  • For surface mounting and pendant mounting
  • Suits B401 & B4501 bases

Code regulations often require detectors in public facilities where humidity is a problem, such as locker rooms in schools, spas, and sports facilities. Excessive humidity may cause unnecessary alarms, and therefore installation of smoke detectors in very humid environments should be avoided, if possible. For such environments, the use of a molded plastic enclosure kit for detector adaptor bases minimises the effect of condensation on the detectors.

The enclosure is designed to accommodate 18.6mm conduit. The top has a centre knockout for a conduit connection, while four sides have molded-in centers for starting drill holes if side connections are desired. (The holes are not pre-drilled because the enclosure would not remain moisture-proof.)

Two mounting options are available: surface mounting, and pendant mounting. For surface mounting, side tabs are provided so the enclosure can be screwed or bolted directly to the ceiling surface. A side conduit connection can be used. For pendant mounting, the enclosure and the detector can be suspended directly from a centre conduit