Code : EWIS / QE90

Product availability : Australia Wide
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 I-2000 available
QE90 available

  • Approved to AS2220
  • Easy to use Vertical keypad layout
  • Up to 3 WIPS per Zone
  • Integrated WIP control
  • Monitored 2 wire WIP/BGA lines.
  • Supports SECP Networkable
  • Customisable digital voice messages
  • Software controlled cascade sequence
  • 10, 25, 50, 100 and 200W amplifiers available

The Emergency Warning and Intercommunication System (EWIS) has been designed to facilitate the orderly and speedy evacuation of a building in the event of an emergency.

The EWIS panel may be used as a fully automated system and it will allow Fire Wardens to easily control and co-ordinate an evacuation using the dedicated emergency telephone network.

The Emergency Warning System (EWS) generates and controls audible warning signals via dedicated amplifiers and loudspeakers installed on each level or in each zone of a building. Visual warning lights/strobes may also be installed in areas of high noise.

Alert and Evacuate warning tones are automatically escalated at predetermined times until the whole building is evacuated in an orderly manner. At any time an authorised Fire Wardens or Fire-fighting Personnel may take control of the system. An emergency public address microphone allows the broadcast of verbal messages to building occupants in all or selected areas via the zone loud speakers. Under non-emergency conditions the EWIS may be used to distribute background music and routine public address announcements.

The Emergency Intercommunication System (EIS) provides dedicated emergency telephone communications between the Emergency Control Panel (ECP) and Fire Warden Intercommunication Points (WIPs) in each zone. Secondary Emergency Control Panels (SECPs) may be connected to allow control and monitoring of the complete EWIS system from multiple locations.

* Please note, QE90 panels have a 'Cream Wrinkled' powder coated cabinet, and not the Zinc sealed steel charcoal grey of the I-2000 pictured.