Code : EWIS / QE20

Product availability : Australia Wide
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  • Clear, easy to use intuitive operation
  • Modular, easy to wire system
  • 25W, 60W, 120W and 240W D class amplifiers
  • High level alarm inputs from compatible fire alarm panels
  • Fibre Networked systems for site-wide interconnection
  • Touchscreen LCD for time saving service operations
  • Up to 120 minutes of digital audio storage, with flexible playback options
  • On-site programmable for configuration
  • Approved to AS 4428.16:2020 and AS 4428.4:2016

The QE20 Emergency Warning System is designed to facilitate the orderly evacuation of occupants in a building in the event of an emergency. The QE20 is a Grade 1 EWS with a wide range of functions and optional modules and provides a cost effective evacuation solution for medium to large buildings and multi-building infrastructure such as commercial buildings, office blocks, hospitals, shopping centers, airports and educational campuses.

The QE20 allows fire wardens or emergency services personnel to easily control and coordinate an orderly building evacuation. The QE20 as an EWCIE generates and controls audible warning signals via dedicated amplifiers and loudspeakers covering each level or zone of a building. Supplementary Visual Alarm Devices (VAD) – flashing beacons can be located in areas where the background noise level may be high or hearing impaired people are often present.

The QE20 is usually connected to the fire alarm system, so that when a fire is detected it can be automatically triggered and the building evacuated. Manual Call Points (MCP), QE20 inputs or user keys may be used to trigger non-fire emergencies (eg gas leaks, extreme weather events, lockdown events) so that different emergency tones and messages may be given to the occupants.

For high rise and other special types of buildings, the QE20 offers automatic evacuation phasing. This ensures the areas in immediate danger are evacuated first, followed by other areas at predetermined time intervals, until the whole building is evacuated in an orderly manner. An emergency public address microphone allows the broadcast of verbal instructions to building occupants in all or selected areas.

The QE20 complies with equipment standards AS 4428.16:2020 and AS 4428.4:2016, and can be installed to AS 1670.4 and NZS 4512.