High Level Interface - BACNET Gateway


Product availability : NSW, ACT, VIC, TAS
For further information, please contact your local branch, and our staff will assist you.

Requires NCM.

  • Compatible with FireSense/Notifier 2800 and 3030 Panels
  • Can monitor up to fifteen NOTI•FIRE•NET™ panels (max. combined object count of 15,000)
  • Multiple BACnet Gateways can be used for large networks
  • PC programmable using the BACnet Gateway Serial Configuration Tool
  • The FireSense BACnet Gateway can behave as a foreign device when communicating with a third-party BBMD (BACnet Broadcast Management Devices)

The BACnet Gateway provides an interface between FireSense fire panel network NOTI•FIRE•NET™ (version 4.0 and higher) and a network using the BACnet/IP communication protocol.

BACnet protocol is an American National Standard (ANSI/ASHRAE 135-1995). With the Gateway interface, devices on NOTI•FIRE•NET™ fire alarm control panels are represented as BACnet objects to the BACnet client. The user subscribes to Event Notification objects per FACP, and the BACnet device receives events from objects on the FACP as a result of this subscription.

The BACnet Gateway can be connected to a stand-alone FireSense 2800 or 3030 Panel with an available network port, or it can be connected to NOTI•FIRE•NET™ via the network port on any NCMW/-F. Connected to NOTI•FIRE•NET™, each BACnet Gateway can support 15 nodes max. or 15,000 objects (object count includes all detectors, monitor modules, notification appliance circuits, etc).

The BACnet Gateway is PC programmable using the BACnet Gateway Serial Configuration Tool, an offline programming utility used to configure the BACnet Gateway. The Serial Configuration Tool is used on a compatible computer that is using Windows® 2000, 98, NT version 4.0, or later OS; and has an available (non-dedicated) serial port for communicating with the BACnet Gateway.