High Speed Network Cards

Code : N-HS-NCM

Product availability : NSW, ACT, VIC, TAS
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HS-NCM-W-2 - Connecting nodes with twisted-pair wire
HS-NCM-MF - Connecting nodes with multi-mode fibre-optic cable
HS-NCM-SF - Connecting nodes with single-mode fibre-optic cable
HS-NCM-WMF-2 - Connecting wire and multi-mode fibre-optic medium on the same network
HS-NCM-WSF-2 - Connecting wire and single-mode fibre optic mediums on the same network
HS-NCM-MFSF - Connecting multi- and single-mode fibre optic mediums on the same network

  • Multi-mode fibre optic (MF), single-mode fibre optic (SF), wire (W), or a combination of W/MF/SF communications path
  • True peer-to-peer communications. Each node stores its own program and communicates equally with all other nodes
  • No “master” polling computer or other central weak link
  • Inherently regenerative system - each node acts as a repeater to reshape and regenerate data signals
  • Failure of any node does not affect any other node/communications among surviving nodes
  • High-speed data communications (12 Mb wire, 100 Mb MF/SF fibre) operates several times as fast as competitive networks

The High-Speed Network Communications Module (HS-NCM) provides AFP-2800/AFP-3030 Fire Alarm Control panels, NCA and NCA-2 Network Control Annunciators, with a mean to connect to High Speed NOTI•FIRE•NET™. When not connected to a fire alarm panel, the HS-NCM defaults to repeater mode and can be used to boost signal distances or to pass data transmissions between two differently configured network segments when wire and fibre co-exist on a network.