Linear Heat Cable (68 to 105 degrees)

Code : LHD-68-R-100 / LHD-68-R-200 / LHD-68-R-500

Product availability : Australia Wide
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Available in 100m, 200m and 500m drums only. 

The Linear heat detection cable is a combination of advanced polymer and digital technologies that can detect heat anywhere along its entire length.

At the core of the linear detection cable is a twisted pair of extremely low resistance (.164 ohms/m) of twisted cable tri-metallic conductors, sheathed in new advanced thermal polymers. These polymers are chemically engineered to break down at specific fixed temperatures allowing the twisted conductors to make contact and initiate an alarm at the control panel without any calibration for changes in the ambient temperature.

The distance locating option allows the control panel to indentify and display the location in meters from the panel, where the heat source interacted with the detection cable. In addition to the thermal polymers, an option for either nylon or polypropylene is available for harsh environments.