MP3 Tone Generator and Message Player Module

Code : ALT-A1720

Product availability : Australia Wide
For further information, please contact your local branch, and our staff will assist you.
  • The ALT-A1720 needs a minimum of 12Vdc at 300mA to work correctly
  • Stereo output is via screw terminals and RCA sockets
  • Output level is nominal 500mV
  • The input triggers are activated by closing contacts whether by a normally open switch or a timer or controller
  • The switched output terminal is triggered when any zone is activated
  • SD card included with default library

The ALT-A1720 is an MP3 based message player and tone generator designed for public address, security, customer direction or emergency evacuation announcements.

It has an alternate play mode and a momentary play mode which changes the way the MP3 plays.

Alternate play mode: When the ALT-A1720 is in Alternate mode, a momentary closing contact or pulse on the trigger pins will activate the MP3. The ALT-A1720 will continue to play the MP3 until it finishes and will stop playing. If the contact is held closed continually the MP3 will continue to loop over and over until the contact is released.

Momentary play mode: In momentary mode, the closing contact must be held for the duration of the MP3 play time, if it is released before the MP3 ends the MP3 will stop playing immediately.