ONYXWorks Graphics System


Product availability : NSW, ACT, VIC
For further information, please contact your local branch, and our staff will assist you.
  • Designed for Windows 10
  • Uses a standard IBM compatible PC
  • Easy to set-up/modify
  • Can monitor multiple networks
  • Uses TCP/IP (internet) protocol
  • Can monitor third party fire panels
  • Unlimited history log
  • Uses DXF/WMF format for graphics
  • Customisable icons/sounds
  • Entire floor import
  • Enhanced image quality
  • New full zoom feature
  • New print scaling

ONYXWorks® is a PC based colour graphics system for connection into either a standalone or a network of 2800 or 3030 fire alarm panels.

The PC sits as a node on the fire alarm network and monitors all events on the network and displays them in a clean concise graphical format on the computer screen. Users can use the PC to then acknowledge, isolate and reset individual alarm events as they occur in real time. Unlimited custom maps and icons can be created directly on the PC to customize the screens specific for the project.

As events occur the icons change color to indicate fault, isolate or alarm status of each point on the system. Mapscan can also be set to auto navigate in an alarm to the area requiring attention and additional information can be stored such as hazardous material storage, emergency response plans etc. Also now has the ability to handle rotated text imported from AutoCad.

Building layout maps can be imported directly from AutoCad or other applications using the universal WMF format which provides excellent clarity and detail even when zoomed in to maximum scale.

NB: Requires PC Gateway or Embedded Gateway connected to NFN (Notifier Network). Please refer to N-GATEWAY or ONYXWorks PC Gateway datasheet for more information.