Smoke Bomb - 3 Minute - (Vent)


Product availability : Australia Wide
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Sold as a pack of 5. 3 minute burn time.

  • Use to leak test duct, tanks, etc. and study of make up and exhaust air systems etc.
  • Easy to handle cartridges
  • No visible residue and oil free
  • Activated by lighting a material at one end
  • Safe, efficient and inexpensive

Smoke has same density as surrounding air which makes it easy to see and photograph.

Smoke Bombs are easy to handle and non-explosive. Great for studying exhaust air, smoke stacks, etc. or leak- test duct work, pipelines, tanks, etc.

The smoke is produced by a chemical reaction inside the cartridge. Fuelled by the heat of the flame; the smoke does not come from the flame itself.