Soundsphere - 35W


Product availability : Australia Wide
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  • For use in large open spaces
  • 360° horizontal sound dispersion
  • Modern design
  • Suitable for both background music & paging
  • Fitted with 100V line matching transformer

The spherical speaker enclosure and parabolic shaped reflector combine to create an omni-directional loud speaker, allowing 360° horizontal sound dispersion. With an unobtrusive modern design, these ball speakers are designed for use where traditional ceiling mounted speakers are difficult or impractical to install.

Used in large open areas with very high, suspended, concrete, or exposed ceilings. Typically these types of ceilings will be found in churches, gymnasiums, train stations, airports, factories, markets, shopping centres, indoor swimming pools etc.

Fitted with high efficiency drivers, they are ideal for high ambient noise locations and offer extremely articulate reproduction making them ideal for both background music and paging applications. Supplied complete with stainless steel wire suspension kit allowing the speaker to be installed from 1 fixing point. This model is fitted with a high efficiency 100V line matching transformer.

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