SWIFT Wireless Gateway


Product availability : NSW, ACT, VIC
For further information, please contact your local branch, and our staff will assist you.
  • Patented cascading – wave mesh operation
  • In the event that a communication path is interrupted, the SWIFT mesh system will use the redundant or backup communication path
  • Any SWIFT device can be added to act as a repeater, eliminating the need for wired repeaters
  • Support up to 50 devices: 1 wireless gateway and up to 49 SWIFT devices
  • Multiple SWIFT wireless mesh networks can be installed on the same fire alarm control panel
  • Up to 4 wireless networks can be installed with overlapping radio network coverage
  • Site Survey feature
  • SWIFT use a standard “code wheel” setting the SLC address
  • SWIFT wireless devices use 4 lithium batteries with a battery life of approximately 2 years

The SWIFT Wireless System can be applied in many situations that are problematic for traditional wired devices. In cases where areas of a building are difficult or impossible to wire, visually sensitive, or have restricted access, SWIFT wireless sensors provide an efficient, reliable solution. SWIFT wireless devices communicate with an AFP-3030 alarm system by means of a SWIFT Wireless Gateway. The SWIFT Gateway connects to the SLC loop of an AFP-3030 panel using FlashScan protocol. New type ID’s for wireless devices are supported that allow the AFP-3030 to display all events such as alarms and fault indications, as well as unique fault conditions required for wireless devices.

A SWIFT Gateway system supports up to 50 devices: 1 SWIFT Gateway and up to 49 wireless detectors and monitor modules. The Gateway assumes one SLC address (module), and each wireless device assumes one module or detector address. The maximum number of gateways on a system is limited by the number of available SLC
addresses on the AFP-3030, or a maximum of 4 gateways within common wireless range.