TESTIFIRE 6201 – Smoke, Heat & CO Detector Test Kit

Code : TESTIFIRE-6201

Product availability : Australia Wide
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New style uses smoke capsules & comes with batts.

  • Electronic detector tester
  • No canned smoke required
  • Multi or single sensor detectors can be tested
  • Single test unit for:
    - Smoke - Photoelectric
    - Smoke - Ionisation
    - Heat – Fixed Temp
    - Heat – Rate Of Rise
    - Carbon Monoxide (only with 6201 model)
  • Rechargeable battery baton powered
  • Detector smoke clearance function
  • Auto detector sensor
  • Auto power-off when not in use
  • 6m pole & carry bag included

Testifire is a technologically advanced portable device for functional testing of single and multi-sensor fire detectors. Testifire does not require canned smoke, it generates stimuli only at the time of test and uses a safe and patented processes fuelled by replaceable capsules.

Testifire enables testing of photo-optical, ionisation, thermal (fixed temperature or rate-of-rise), and carbon monoxide (CO) fire sensors all with the one compact unit. Testifire is capable of testing multiple detector criteria at once which allows cost effective and thorough detector testing.

Testifier automatically senses once it is in place over the detector and automatically delivers the test dose. Visual LED indication provides the operator feedback of test process.