Zonecheck - 65mm

Code : ZC-65-LHXKS

Product availability : Australia Wide
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65mm - Left Handed Version (Right handed available on request)

  • 100% water saving - saves up to 300L of water per test
  • Accurately represents 1 sprinkler head in operation
  • Consistent flow rate – irrespective of system pressure
  • No fire pumps operate
  • No brigade isolation required during tests (assuming pressure switch is only calling brigade)
  • No new oxygenated water is introduced into the system
  • Saves time during testing
  • Prevents pressure fluctuations during test
  • No drain required
  • Meets requirements of AS2118

ZoneCheck is a remote flow-switch testing device. It works by using a closed loop system that
re-circulates water to simulate sprinkler head operation and tests the flow-switch without discharging water. The ZoneCheck pump has a flow control orifice which accurately represents just one sprinkler head in operation, irrespective of current system pressure, which is the only true way to test the effective operation of a flow-switch with one sprinkler head operating.

AS1851 requires flow-switches installed in a sprinkler system to be tested 6 monthly (FM Global requires this test monthly). During a traditional flow-switch test, water is discharged from the down stream end of the pipe. This pressure difference across the flow-switch generates a water flow causing the flow switch to operate. The unique ZoneCheck system is the modern way to carry out this important test quickly, efficiently and inexpensively with zero water wastage.

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