Automatic Purging Unit


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  • A fully integrated and compact system, designed for larger pipe networks
  • Designed for use with Aspiration Smoke Detection (ASD) systems
  • Designed without air resistance
  • 6 user selectable preventive or event-triggered purging programs (short or long purging cycle options)
  • Internal clock or external clock timer can be connected
  • Several systems can be coupled in master-slave mode
  • Manual control via external push-button
  • Easy commissioning without software tools
  • Multicolored LED indicates the system condition

The VSP-PURG Automatic Purging Unit provides a fully integrated and compact solution with user-selectable preventative or event triggered purging programs. An intelligent and installation-friendly design ensures a cost effective and reliable means of preventing pipe network contaminant blockages.

ASD systems continuously monitor the air in a protected environment, potentially subjecting the system to contamination over time. In order to prevent the build-up of pipe or aspiration hole contaminates, regular ASD system purging with compressed air is essential.

In contrast to conventional purging systems, this compact and user-friendly unit features a single built-in Solenoid valve, which initiates the release of air into the ASD system. This valve also increases reliability by protecting the unit from any compressed air damage and can be accessed through a control board that is integrated into the housing.