VESDA-E VEA Intelligent Range

Code : VEA-040-A00-NTF, VEA-040-A10-NTF

Product availability : NSW, ACT, VIC, TAS & QLD
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VEA-040-A00-NTF – with LEDs
VEA-040-A10-NTF – with 3.5 inch display

  • Intelligent VESDA-E series connects to the AFP-3030 on the loop
  • Runs in FlashScan® mode
  • Pinpoint addressability with end-to-end system integrity monitoring
  • 40 addressable microbore tubes with individual sampling points
  • Interruption-free business operation with centralized testing and maintenance
  • Sampling point and tube blockage detection
  • Automatic tube breakage and sampling point presence detection and sampling point cleaning at set intervals
  • Three sensitivity settings for the sampling points
  • Variable length microbore tubes, up to 100m
  • Laser-based absolute smoke detection
  • Coarse particle filtering and clean air barrier for optics protection
  • Reliable linear pump technology
  • LEDs for alarm and fault signaling
  • 3.5” color touchscreen for status review
  • Seven pre-configured relays
  • Two GPIs (monitored/unmonitored) with fix mapping to detector
  • Reset function
  • iVESDA application for system monitoring on mobile devices
  • Field replaceable filter, smoke sensor module, pump and rotary valve
  • Easy cable termination access
  • Event Log (20,000 events)

Intelligent VESDA-E VEA series of detectors provide point-addressable early warning smoke detection with pinpoint addressability. These detectors use microbore air-sampling tubes and patented air sampling points with three alarm sensitivity settings for the sampling points. Intelligent VEA supports 40 sampling points on a single central detector. With a wide range of features the Intelligent VEA provides flexibility, field programmability, enhanced connectivity and reduced total cost of ownership.

VESDA-E VEA Series detector connects to the SLC loop of compatible intelligent fire alarm control panels using FlashScan® protocol to communicate up to five levels of events for display and use in control-by-event system programming. It also provides individual sampling point events directly on the fire alarm control panel. Using the SLC connection, the system operator can also review real-time status information, such as alarms and faults. The system operator can also put an Intelligent VEA Series detector into service mode, or reset airflow baselines.