4 Channel Speaker Amplifier Module

Code : OWS-DA2-SAM-4

Product availability : Australia Wide
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Required with OWS-DA2 amplifier kits forĀ AS4428.16 compliance.

The OWS-DA2-SAM-4 Speaker Amplifier Monitoring and Distribution Module is a compulsory component of the OWS-DA2 series, for AS4428.16 compliance. The four-way speaker amplifier monitoring and distribution module is used to provide monitoring of OWS-DA2 series amplifiers and to distribute four speaker lines to up to 4 areas of a building. It provides separate monitoring to each 100V output line and provides fault condition and fault relays. Each output can be disabled as required via an external switch. The OWS-DA2-SAM-4 includes a normally energised clean contact common-fault output and individual disable inputs for separately turning off each output.